Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Acts of Gardening

Due to a very ambitious canning schedule yesterday, last night at about 8pm I finally got some time for the garden. I went into the front yard and looked for the potato sprouts erupting from the ground in the borrowed (thanks, Debbie) spud grower. There were two gettingbigger sprouts, so I figured it was time to add material. I have compost and pine needles sitting around in the front yard (no, my gardens are not candidates for Sunset magazine right now).

I needed gloves. Gloves were, I knew, on the back porch.

Moving to the back yard, donning gloves, I realized the baby plants back there had not been watered all day (I don't have the system set up yet this year) and it had been about 90 degrees that afternoon, so this called for watering.

The hose has a rupture. It has had a rupture for weeks, and it's getting worse. Back into the house to acquire duct tape and scissors (WHY didn't I buy that guy's hose and reel at the garage sale this morning?), and wrapped a rupture, had #2 son turn water on, tested, found a rag, dried off the hose again, wrapped second rupture, #2 son turned water on again, dried it off again, wrapped it some more. Final water test - now there's only a minor drip - good to go.

Watered all of the baby plants, and side vegetable garden, and big vegetable garden in back. Boys asked to pick favas. I conceded - they're at the end of their cycle and are on my list of Things To Turn Into Compost.

Back to the front yard. Watered all baby plants, noticed tall grass growing in small area next to ceanothus and newly planted eleagnus, decided to weed. Put hose on one fruit tree (I don't have THAT drip system working yet, either). Fetched large basket for weeds from side yard. While I was weeding, Heir Apparent asked if he could boil a couple of favas to see if they're any good. Told him to be careful (I have just taught him how to use the gas range), and please can you move the hose to another fruit tree? Finished pulling the grass (good thing I have my gloves on), put basket on the recycling bin, returned to the hose.

Walked around the yard with the hose, hitting any fruiting or flowering things that might be thirsty by now, and noticed the sprouts in the spud grower. Aha, I thought. This is where I started. Added material, watered them, turned the hose off, kicked off gardening clogs and went inside.

9pm. How time flies when you're in the flow of gardening.