Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There's a SAUNA in here!

I have spent over 20 years in locker rooms. Anyone who has been a competitive athlete learns this about locker rooms: You go in, you suit up, you get out, FAST. After practice, you strip down, you shower, you dress, you get out, FAST. Life is too short and your schedule is probably way too tight for any dilly-dallying in the stinky locker room.

But I just joined a new company five weeks ago. It does not have a stinky locker room, it has a lovely gym with beautiful locker rooms, hair dryers, thousands of clean towels, and big mirrors. Just yesterday I rode my bike to work for the first time, and in typical athlete fashion I tended to my own business and as I was getting into the shower I noticed a big door with an unfinished wooden frame at the end of the aisle of showers.

THERE'S A SAUNA IN HERE! I shouted, for everyone to hear and yet nobody cared, nobody knows me, everyone is minding her own business just like me. THERE'S A SAUNA IN HERE! NOBODY TOLD ME THERE WAS A SAUNA IN HERE! Laughing, I walked into it and sat down.

It's a dry sauna (lots of signs spelling this out), and it's about big enough for a good party. Huge. All heated up with nobody in it, and now I have this wonder to look forward to: in December and January, when it's dark and cold outside, I will ride my bike to work and sit in this sauna and warm up from the inside out. Even though I'm back to the grind of a full-time job, it has its perks. All of the free drinks I could possibly want, and a dry heat just waiting there for my poor cold fingers and toes.

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