Monday, June 18, 2007

Nearly three weeks...

Things have been a bit hectic.
  • First day, the boys and I painted the front fence, as per my List. Wow, what an experience! I probably have the first 4-year-old with white hair. Oh, yeah, it washes out.
  • Second day, I drove up to Mendocino County to take a day tour of the Ecology Action gardens in Willits. I am considering becoming certified so that I can teach others how to do this intensive method of organic gardening. There is a 3-day course in October.
  • By June 15th, I had painted the master bathroom, with the help of a hired hand (no pun intended). So much for two major things on my Master List.
  • On the 12th, I also signed up for the month-long intensive yoga training. It started last Friday, and is every day, in Capitola/Santa Cruz. So I've been staying at Meadowood and sleeping on the dance floor (for the uninitiated, when Mike and I had our wedding reception in May of 1999, he had built a raised "dance floor" of plywood for the event. A friend had suggested that we keep it even after the event, which to date has been a great piece of advice. I sleep on the dance floor with a portable mattress, sleeping bag, and optional bug netting nearly every month of the year). I hope to specialize in teaching seniors and children this fun, flowing form of yoga. It has done such wonderful things for me in the past 3-1/2 years, and with the right instruction I think it has something for nearly everyone.

By sometime this summer I should be a certified Kali Ray yoga instructor, and by next year I might be an organic garden instructor. In the fall my next two knitting classes begin (Cables and Intermediate I). Which all points to the fact that I truly enjoy teaching.

Last Tuesday I checked what felt like a small truckload of books out of the library on the topic of homeschooling, and Wednesday I was able to attend a park date with the local Memorial Park Homeschoolers group, nice women all. I feel they were tremendously brave to have ALL, to a WOMAN, declared their own homeschool (they're not in any way connected to the state school system).

So in the past few days I've learned a bit of Sanskrit (beautiful characters), a lot of history behind yoga, and a great deal about breath control. After class, in the cabin, I've also been plowing through all of the homeschool books and wondering if I'm brave enough. You never know. Maybe I'll declare our home a homeschool and bypass the state. The jury is out on that one.

I came home today to spend some time with the boys, do some laundry, and log in. We went to the library and checked out and turned in books; posted posters around town for the upcoming Friends book sale; stopped by Jamba Juice for a treat; and went to the local park. (Can small boys get tired of being around their own mother? Don't know. Plan to find out.)

My gold HP Retiree badge had arrived while I was gone this week. Big smile for that one! I had always coveted those things, and this one has my name all over it!

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