Sunday, July 1, 2007

Baling hay

Well, the time has come. Tomorrow I fly to Colorado to meet the intrepid soul who inherited my job (and more) when I left HP. Laura says she'll teach me how to use her tractor and bale hay. I knew those cowboy boots would come in useful someday. She says I can ride her horse EVERY DAY if I like. Woo hoo!

Yesterday we had another apparently successful (the numbers aren't tallied yet) Friends of the Sunnyvale Library booksale; I got there at 7am to help set up, then had to run off to Santa Cruz at 11-ish for the day's teacher training. In the short period I had to graze the booksale, I *DID* manage to pick up lots of homeschool books, presents for the boys, and some books for myself.

Yoga teacher training has been going well, although I am bone tired some nights, and I nearly fell asleep on 101 the other night.

Last night when I arrived at the cabin, I disturbed the local fauna's imminent destruction of more peach limbs from my only highly productive fruit tree. You should see the barricade I created! Very rustic, but hopefully effective.

It was a beautiful night to sleep beneath the stars, as usual.

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