Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Tiger and the Cat

Two nights ago I had a dream about a tiger. The front door was open to my house, and I went to shut it and found a tiger walking toward my house. I tried to shut it and lock it, but his nose was already inside. I let him in.

He walked around the house. He appeared to be looking for something. He turned around and walked back toward me. He wasn't growling and didn't look hungry. I opened the door again. He walked out. I shut and locked the door.

In Jungian dream interpretation, a house always represents your life. This animal came into my life, looked around, left. He wasn't there very long. He wasn't a threat. And he was big and beautiful.

This morning I found our cat dead on the living room floor. There was no obvious cause of death, no illness, no blood, no physical damage. Apparently it was just his time to go. He was only about four years old, and very large and strong.

We are very sad today. I thought he would be my friend for a very long time. He was also Tanner's best friend. But I am grateful that he sent me a dream first, because somehow that makes it easier to live with.

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