Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Snail Wars

We had some unexpected days of rain last week - heavy rain. And I discovered on Saturday morning, when I went out into the garden to watch the sun rise, that the snails were very fond of the lingering dampness. They were everywhere (they are probably particularly fond of my front yard because I covered my entire yard with cardboard and compost a couple of years ago, thus destroying my lawn - but making a nice, damp enviornment for gastropods).

Thus began snail wars. That morning I was fully dressed and gloved, but since then there have been two more major battles and I've been in my nightgown and bare hands. No fear. I will prevail. I confine them in a large green cat litter container, and it's getting heavy.

Casualties (running total): Saturday - 332; Sunday - 476; Wednesday - 604.
I gave them a respite to see if they could consolidate forces and roll out another squadron. I found them in their war room today at 0600 hours, a small bush that they thought I would overlook. Ha. I am mapping all of their favorite territories and....

I'll be back.

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Cris said...

Yikes! You go girlfriend!